Future Proof

Session 1

There had been a series of break-ins, only at pet shops. The scene opens on one such break-in, with animals running amok, cats & dogs out, the front door ripped off its hinges, the alarm blaring.

Mason Stone arrives to the scene in downtown Halcyon, Pet City on Main (Northside), on his hoverboard. Stone pulls out a smoke bomb with animal sedatives to put the animals out. They all conk out except for a large dog, which starts growling. 

The mist clears, and a woman is standing there with her hand on the dog's head, a ring on her hand. "There is no way I'm putting them back in their cages," she says. 

Cut to Jane and Kelem, at a bar, hearing Mason's summons and heading over on their own, while Greenlight steps through a teleportal from the Lighthouse to get on the scene. They find Mason there, acting animalistically. Jane makes a toilet paper roll look like a bone, but it goes awry, and Mason really wants it. Jane runs around shelves to dodge Mason. Greenlight starts dodging animals. Kelem wades in and pinpoints sedatives Mason might have to put the animals out.

Kelem grabs the sedatives, puts the animals out. Mason comes back to himself and is normal, but he doesn't remember what happened. Greenlight finds security footage of the woman, and bursts of light from her ring driving animals nuts and making Mason feral.

The cops show up and try to arrest Jane. Kelem threatens them, while Mason goes to talk them down. 

Greenlight consults her accumulated knowledge to pinpoint Jack Corey, the Mindthief, who used a crazy alien tech ring to bring out instincts and feral behavior in victims. It seems similar to the one that this lady (Den Mother) is using. Mindthief just wanted money, but he was caught, and his ring should be in Mount Justice. (The Exemplars live in orbit, in the Watchtower, now.)

We examine Den Mother's patterns and determine she's working in a particular radius, and Stone figures out when and where she is going to strike next. We go to that pet store, and Jane breaks into the back door with a spoofed security card, while Greenlight and Kelem lie in wait outside.

Jane tries to make the animals invisible, but her powers go haywire and she thinks she can see them and no one else can, while they're perfectly visible. 

Den Mother pulls up in a hydro-electric car. She steps out in a hat and coat, and goes to step inside. She flashes red light from her ring into the shop. Jane and Mason keep their shit together against the howl that plays in their heads—an image of a howling wolf, and the desire to answer that call.

Mason keeps rational. Jane vanishes, and they keep their shit together.

Kelem goes to kick Den Mother, but she puts him in mind of a doe, like he's being hunted. Greenlight tries to keep the lady's attention away by taunting her. She, enraged, fires at Greenlight.

Jane creates predator illusions to calm the animals inside, so they can take advantage of the woman's rage.

Mason goes to tase her, and she runs into a bar across the street, smashing into it. She uses her power to make everyone in the bar go crazy, but Mason locks down the whole bar.

Greenlight talks down Kelem (with the help of pizza scent from Jane), and Kelem in a rage charges at the bar. 

Mason sweeps out of Kelem's protection to engage the enraged guys, cuffing them to stuff, taking them out Sherlock style. Den Mother flees out the back. Jane starts creating an illusion of a lullaby. Mason throws a smoke bomb full of sedatives into the bar to help. Jane uses a lullaby that's really familiar to her, but she doesn't know why.

Den Mother runs to escape Kelem who has chased her out back, and Greenlight and Kelem corner her and get her to surrender. She collapses when she hands over the ring, but Greenlight agreed to let her air her grievances to someone who matters.

HCPD shows up, including their Supers Division (Meta-4). The people in the bar are pretty messed up. 

The HCPD forces use Rook Industries technology, and are led by Lieutenant Bradshaw, who is not in love with us.


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