Future Proof

When our team first came together...

With the Exemplars gone in space, the Vor took the opportunity to have Kelem launch their assault on Earth.

Kelem, following orders, turned on the Vor security complex beneath Mount Justice. The complex was designed to eat the planet and convert it to dust and constituent particles. A huge mountain of buried technology woke up, then, and started eating Halcyon. The effect generated natural disasters, like an enormous tidal wave to crash on Halcyon City. Meanwhile, it showed projected casualties to Kelem, and he was horrified by what he saw. He had not realized that everyone would die horribly and painfully—he'd been able to delude himself into thinking of it as a number until then.

The other members of Future Proof (not yet with that name) gathered to stop the crisis. They all knew each other, except for Kelem. Kelem was honest with them, told them that he turned on the device. The other members of Future Proof fought him, but he explained he needs help, and they agreed. 

The team successfully managed a crazy working that dumped the whole of Mount Justice into the netherspace, the space between spaces. That's where Silverlight's Lighthouse was. Everyone was pretty unhappy about it.

But the Network thought that we did good work. The Network, an Oracle style myth of a hero who facilitates heroic acts, was impressed with us, and kept contact the teammates to stick together. In particular, Emi helped push the team together, despite their own interests pulling them apart.

Someone found out it was us who made Mount Justice disappear, thanks to Twitter and viral content. No one was covering exactly what happened in the major news networks. We received a huge amount of attention in particular from the viral Millennial Twitter account. 

We are now an officially sanctioned team, with Greenlight as the publicly acknowledged leader.


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