Branded Star superhero of Apple


Cupertino, real name Steven Works, has a very pretty and inoffensive look. He is handsome, but not so handsome as to be threatening; masculine, but not so masculine; feminine, but not so feminine. He was specifically focus tested as someone who appeals to all demographics, at least a little bit.

His armor/suit is very sleek and white. High tech. Branded with the apple logo.

His powers come from the suit and the attached gadgets, and primarily focus on electrodynamic effects and powers. There is a Siri-like AI within his suit that helps him use the gadgets (GENE, the Genius Bar AI).


Steven Works was a child TV star whose theater mother helped get him the greatest opportunity of his life—to be the official branded superhero of Apple. He accepted, and has been acting as Apple’s spokesman-hero ever since.

They held a press conference to officially announce Cupertino, making him look impressive, and have used him since as a vehicle to show off new technologies and their will to do good in the world. Since then, he’s earned an audience for himself. This audience likes him because he is charming, well-spoken, and smart, and they’re fairly devoted to him and what he champions. He garners a great deal of media attention, and makes vast sums of money.

Business competitors have every interest in bringing down Cupertino or soiling his reputation.

Bridget Morris is the vice president of the Cupertino Project and acts as Steven’s liaison with the company. She is very corporate, and pleased with Steven as long as he brings more attention and success to the company.

His mother, Carolyn Works (who kept her name because of the brand) is very proud of him, and is always pushing for more. His father, Fred Works, is genuinely concerned for Steven’s safety, but has been pushed out of the family.

Steven joined Future Proof (the name of which was suggested and seeded by Bridget) originally of his own accord—the team members would not have passed muster if subjected to corporate review. But the team boosts Cupertino’s profile, and vice versa, and ultimately Bridget has gritted her teeth and gone with it. For his part, Steven likes getting to hang out with actual friends, instead of more employees or corporate tools.

Steven thinks Kelem, the warrior alien, would make for a great sidekick some day.

Steven is concerned about Mason Stone’s fame outstripping his own. After all, Stone has the name, and even as he tries to be humble, Steven knows that the public will eat that shit up.


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