A Protege with a penchant for speed



Emi Tanaka is 18 years old, with a lean, athletic build; short, dyed hair in a pixie cut; numerous piercings on her ears; and a smiling face. She wears baggy clothes when she’s not in her armor or racing, but sleek tights when she’s on a bike and going for speed. She hates helmets. Her armor is green and black, and slightly bulky. It looks like it could be man-made, even though it isn’t.

Emi’s powers include powerful armor and “impossible fighting skills,” here meaning her speed and maneuverability in a fight. The Disc that gave Emi her powers and armor is an artifact of the Silverlight Order. They always give the bearer armor, but the exact nature of the powers they grant is always based on the bearer’s specific physiognomy and personality. In Emi’s case, they appear to be based on speed and some element of control of gravity, inertia, friction, and momentum. For Emi, gravity is more of a suggestion than a rule. She can slide across the ground with ease. She can spiral through the air. She can twist and bend at high speeds. She can make herself immune to other forces, so she will continue carrying forward with all her momentum. The suit has also exhibited rockets to help propel her forward at high speeds. She fights in this hyperkinetic, constantly moving fashion, not a speedster blur, but a blur nonetheless. (Think the guy with the boots, here or Gogo Tomago here or Tony Jaa fighting )


Emi Tanaka has been living in foster homes and orphanages all her life. She never knew her parents. She was always too much of a risk taking dangerous kid to draw parents for adoption. She didn’t specifically love to break rules, but she didn’t really care about whether or not she was breaking them. What she did love was speed and adventure and risks and speed. She was the kid who rode her bike on makeshift ramps, and tried to street luge down the steepest streets in the city. And she never had a great head for self-preservation, either. Of course, since Emi never had much of her own, it was always a borrowed bike or a hand-made street luge that could fall apart if it hit a rock.

Emi was always determined that her life be incredible, far beyond what her specific position would ensure. She didn’t care about acclaim or attention, just wonder and amazement. She hated the idea of being bound down to mundane things like school or a job or a regular family…even if that hate was mostly a defense mechanism. She loved the insanity of Halcyon City’s denizens and goings-on, and vaguely dreamed about being a part of the tapestry of superhumanity some day.

Everything changed for Emi during the Angler attack. The Anglers were interdimensional aliens who sought humans to nourish themselves. Normally, they would be kept at bay by the Silverlight Order, an interdimensional guardian corps devoted to preventing such invasion, but the Silverlights had been devastated in a previous attack, and only one was left. The Silverlight had taken refuge on Earth, made it her temporary home, and she was in the streets, fighting off Anglers that day.

Emi was there, too, when one of the Anglers was causing mayhem as it chased possible victims. Emi flung a trash can at it to distract it, and then as it charged her down, it knocked over a car at an innocent bystander who’d fallen. Emi charged in without thinking to save that bystander, even though it meant she’d be crushed by the car…only to have Silverlight appear and save her. Silverlight fought off the Angler, and then touched Emi, read her mind, thanking her for saving a life, and saying that Emi had a good soul. Then Silverlight was off to keep fighting. But Emi was changed forever. The Silverlight was the coolest hero Emi had ever seen…and she was determined to get closer.

Emi spent all her free time learning about the world of heroes, now, instead of new bikes or wheels or ways to pick up speed. She memorized everything she could about Silverlight. And when news hit that Silverlight had found another Disc of the Order, one of the special tools they used to create new Silverlights, Emi knew she had found her opportunity.

Emi tracked down Silverlight to one of the portal-sites she used to pass into her interdimensional sanctuary, the Lighthouse. And Emi followed her.

Silverlight was shocked, then amused, then surprised, then concerned as Emi explained her thinking. Emi had figured out how to find Silverlight; Emi had proved herself as a possible hero when she saved that person; Emi had the will and the skill to do this. Silverlight should give Emi the new Disc, Emi explained.

Silverlight, who had been wrestling with whom to give the Disc to, ultimately acquiesced after searching Emi’s mind some more. She gave Emi the Disc, which bonded to Emi and gave her new powers. Emi’s armor was also green, as opposed to the traditional silver…a first, to Silverlight’s knowledge. Emi adopted the name Greenlight to reflect her armor and her love of speed.

Since then, Silverlight has been training Emi on how to fight, how to serve, and how to protect. Silverlight is determined that Emi become a new Silverlight, and help restart the Silverlight Order, help carry those burdens and duties. But Emi is currently still in it for the thrills and excitement. She sees herself as a hero and she likes helping people, but she doesn’t yet fully accept the burden of responsibility of a Silverlight, and as such she doesn’t display the full array of a Silverlight’s inherent abilities, like being able to travel between dimension. (Or at least, that’s Silverlight’s explanation for why Emi doesn’t have those powers yet.)

The core struggle, at the moment, for Emi is between being a regular human girl, and truly assuming more responsibility as a dimension hopping hero. Silverlight is hoping that the Future Proof team will help Emi get a taste for the responsibility of a hero.

Greenlight knows a secret of Mason’s legacy—specifically, that they have not always been noble, and may be descended from Victor Frankenstein. Greenlight finds Mason’s overbearing intellect to be mildly insufferable, and hates his insinuations that he actually leads the team, but she appreciates his brilliance and how he is truly a prince of this world.

Greenlight has worked together with Cupertino before—he is the single most well-known young superhero in the city, and she found his lifestyle appealing. She thinks he’s cute and fun, but isn’t sure about the corporate side of him. Nevertheless, Apple finds their pairing to test well, and tabloids claim that they are dating. They are definitely “shipped”.

Greenlight is watching Kelem on Silverlight’s orders. He’s a dangerous alien who nearly killed the planet, and Silverlight is unsure of his continued motives or trustworthiness. Greenlight finds Kelem to be fun to hang around with—he’s a rather exciting individual—but she too is unsure of whether or not she can trust him.

Greenlight and Jane grew up together in the same orphanage. She didn’t know Jane gained superpowers until later, but the two of them are old friends/semi-sisters as a result of this early bond. They once stole a sweet super-cycle from the Exemplar headquarters together to satiate Emi’s need for speed and Jane’s desire for misdemeanors.


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