An illusionist Delinquent who doesn't care, okay? Jeez.



Jane is 17 years old, Caucasian, with a blase look and bored eyes. She wears rebellious, punk, skater type clothes. She has no other costume.

Her general attitude is one of giving zero fucks. Or at least, so it appears on the surface.

Her powers include visual and auditory illusions, and psychic weaponry.


Jane grew up in foster homes and orphanages. Throughout her time there, she just wanted to go unnoticed. She wanted to be quiet and invisible…and one day, she got her wish. Her powers kicked in and made her completely unnoticeable to anyone around her.

She has no idea why she has powers, or how, but she doesn’t truly care. She hasn’t looked into it. She’s only experimented with them, learned how to use them, and come to love them.

She uses her illusions to hide people’s things right in front of them, and then watch them freak out looking for stuff they literally just had in their hands.

Jane’s school guidance counselor, Glinda Goodwich, believes that Jane can be so much more and tries to encourage Jane. Sometimes it takes, sometimes it doesn’t.

Generally speaking, Jane claims that boredom drove her to be a hero. It’s exciting and interesting, and better than doing nothing. The thought has not occurred to her to try out true villainy, just because she doesn’t actually want to hurt anybody. She commits misdemeanors without thought, but she’d never try to hurt anyone.

She coasts through life as a leaf on the wind, for the most part, and the latest wind around her is the Future Proof team. She claims that they don’t annoy her, and that’s why she sticks with them, while nearly all other people annoy her. In truth, she may care about them more deeply than she lets on—she wants a family, and this team is filling that need. She just wants to be a part of that family on her terms, not theirs.

Jane and Greenlight grew up together in an orphanage for a bit. They know each other well, and stole a super-cycle from the Exemplar headquarters together. They’re about as close to sisters as either of them is likely to get.

Jane keeps trying to impress Mason Stone with her antics.


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