Warrior Outsider broken from his people


Kelem appears to be a human teenager with olive-colored skin, just on the cusp of not being human, and markings that run up all along his body to his temples. He appears muscular and powerful. He appears masculine despite not truly being masculine, per se, because of his people’s cloning vats.

Kelem carries a large sword that can transform into a plasma rifle. He can also leap incredible distances, and is incredibly strong.


Kelem comes from planet Vor, from just outside the terminus of a black hole at the center of the galaxy—the Maw. He came to earth to pacify it and settle it. The Vor are the source species for humanity (according to them), and they see humanity as an inoffensive but ultimately completely unimportant off-shoot. They wish to reclaim the planet that they once seeded with their own genes and systems, and don’t care if humans are destroyed in the process.

The Vor are a warrior people, joyful and lustful for battle. They have clone vats to produce all their individual citizens, and the markings upon those clones determine their status in Vor society. They don’t have a conception of gender, seeing as they reproduce purely through clone vats.

The security complex of the Vor would sweep away all the surface material of the planet. Kelem needed only to activate it to complete his mission.

Kelem was reluctant, however, always feeling it was a bit wrong to exterminate the entire people of this planet. Ultimately, he engaged the mechanisms. They displayed their operation, the creation of natural disasters to scour the planet’s surface, and projected death tolls. These numbers moved Kelem, and made him regret having turned on the system—he could convince himself of activating the system when he thought they would painlessly and quickly end the humans, but not when he found out so many would die, and in so painful a way.

Both due to time and disuse and his own questioning state of mind, the security complex systems failed to recognize him as Vor. They attacked him, and he was forced to retreat. He ultimately connected with the team of young heroes that would be Future Proof, and after fighting, he became the key to them understanding what was going to happen, and what they needed to do to save the world. Kelem helped the team to triumph, and stuck with them since.

This team is the only family Kelem has left, now that he has proved himself to be a broken member of his people. And it is only a matter of time before the Vor dispatch agents to bring Kelem home and…fix him.

Kelem has a crush on Cupertino, but tries to keep it under wraps.

Kelem has been spending time with Greenlight to learn about Earth. A lot of it has involved speed and driving around the city really fast.


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