Mason Stone

A Legacy detective with a genius IQ



A mixed race young man, 16-17 years old, Samoan ethnicity. Lank, thin-limbed. Nerd-looking.

Mason earned a PhD by 15, and has earned more since. His personality is more than a little arrogant, and more than a little ill-prepared for interacting with people of his own age.

Mason’s powers include Holmesian deduction, gadgetry, and the fearsome reputation of the Stones; he will theoretically grow into his athletic perfection and intimidating demeanor.


Mason Stone comes from the Stone family. The Stones have always been a part of Halcyon from ages past, donating huge amounts of money to the city’s important establishments throughout its history. They’re well regarded and liked, but have never gotten into politics.

There are many offshoots of the Stone family, some that do show signs of the inherent abilities of the Stones, some that don’t, or at least hide those signs. Often today they do good, philanthropic works throughout the city, but the Stones do not have an uncheckered past, and have sometimes taken less than ethical action in the city (though these incidents are covered up).

Mason’s grandfather, Ulysses Stone, wore a domino mask and fought crime throughout the city under the name [INSERT NAME HERE]. Ulysses was active for decades and decades in this role. Ulysses’s son, Bryce, took up his own role as a an investigator and defender of the city under the name [INSERT NAME HERE].

Bryce married a woman named Ava and had three children with her. The first was Peter, and then about 11 years later, they had twins, Mason and Maya.

When Mason and Maya were 7 years old, Peter and Bryce had a falling out, and Peter left. Shortly after that, Ava went missing as well, and is now presumed dead. And then sometime after that, before Mason and Maya were 12, Bryce himself disappeared on them, leaving them with Ulysses, and went off on his own.

After all this, Ulysses quit the heroic life, and mostly spent his time in retirement or taking care of the twins. The Stones were always wealthy, so the family was well-provided for. It meant the twins never wanted for anything, and had whatever opportunities they craved.

Maya wanted to be normal, and so pursued normal school education, but Mason was never satisfied with just that, and made sure he excelled into accelerated programs. By the time they were 16, Maya appeared to be a normal teenager (though there is plenty of evidence she may just be hiding her own abilities) while Mason held multiple PhDs and wasn’t sure how to relate to kids his own age.

At that same age, Mason finally found his grandfather’s secret lair, full of his grandfather’s trophies and equipment. Mason decided to carry on his grandfather’s heroic legacy, but publicly, without hiding his identity like his grandfather did. And thus he became a public hero, Mason Stone.

The Stones are perceived positively in the city, and Mason profited from that positive perception as he started acting openly. He also began inventing his own gadgets, as well as using and improving upon his grandfather’s. But he is still awkward, and cares about the new team, Future Proof, as a possible group of friends and people like himself, that he can relate to.

Mason has spent time with Cupertino, doing some public briefings and appearances. It shames his legacy, who’ve never done this kind of media attention thing before.

Mason trusts Greenlight and told her an important secret of his legacy. About how the Stones have not always been so noble, and may be connected to the very Victor Frankenstein himself.

Mason Stone

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