An interdimensional guardian



Silverlight, whose real name is Vyella Qoro, is an interdimensional human. Her skin is a deep red, her hair jet black. Her body is humanoid in form, but if studied carefully would have important differences—she’s technically an alien. She is rarely if ever not seen in her armor, which glows with a silver-white light. She also usually wears her helmet when she’s on duty, which obscures most of her face. When her eyes are visible, they are a bright yellow.

It’s impossible to tell exactly how old she is.

She has a generally serious demeanor. She gets more human things than might be expected, functionally being a human from another dimension, but she’s largely concerned with her duties as a Silverlight more than anything else.


Silverlight is the last of her order. The Silverlight Order used to defend the multiverse from trans-dimensional threats and invaders, but they were all annihilated. Vyella Qoro is still unsure of exactly what staged the attack. Only that while she was on a mission, they were all destroyed, and she came home only to find ruins.

After that, it was only a matter of time before countless old enemies of the Silverlights came rushing forward to take advantage of their absence, and as the last Silverlight Vyella was hounded across multiple realities. Ultimately, she took refuge on Earth, where Halcyon’s heroes helped her to fight back the onslaught. From there, she is determined to try to do her duty as Silverlight.

Until recently, she thought that was all she could do. But she found another Disc, the kind the Silverlights used to grant new members their armor and powers. And she has leads on still more. She now harbors some hopes of resurrecting the order…starting with Emi Tanaka.

Of course, Emi has proved to be a bit harder to train than Vyella planned on.

Vyella lives in the Lighthouse, one of the Order’s remaining interdimensional bases, lodged in the space between spaces. She brought Emi to live there, as well. But Vyella is often away on missions throughout transdimensional space.

Vyella is friends with the Exemplars, though she has never joined them due to her other duties.


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